Yeatman Wins Handicap


By Ian Fromholtz

With the excitement of last week’s club championships behind them, War­ragul cycling club members returned to the cut and thrust of club racing.

Juvenile’s raced one lap of the senior circuit and had to battle strong westerly winds.  Julian Kennedy won the race from Matthew Miller (second) and Travis Fromholtz (third).

The senior race was won by Paul Yeatman with Robert Dean second, John Salton third and fastest time, with Geoff Thomson fourth.

This Saturday and Sunday, the Warragul Cycling Club, in conjunction with the Victorian Cycling Federation, will stage the State Test races.  Riders doing well in these races will be eligible to be chosen for the state train­ing squad..  Judges will be stationed around the course taking note of how riders perform.  The winner will not necessarily be the best performed rider – ie, a rider who successfully initiates a breakaway and does a long stretch of fast solo riding, showing the judges his speed, strength and stamina might impress the judges more than a rider who wins, but does little ‘work’ in the race.

Victorian’s best amateur cyclist will compete in all categories with juveniles one and two riding over 40, kilometers at II am on Sunday.

Juniors will race over 100 kilometers on Saturday and women over 50 kilometers also on Saturday.

Most interest will be on the seniors who will compete over a distance of 150 kilometers on Sunday at 11 am.  The seniors will ride the Hunter’s Road course, a course that is renowned for its steep unforgiving hills. .

Main interest for Warragul cyclists will be to watch how Phil Gallagher, Wayne Kestle and Brett Williams perform.

There will be no club racing next Saturday due to the test races.

Club racing will resume on Saturday, August 18.

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