Track Carnival – Night 3 of 3


A feature of the track carnival was a great turnout of junior riders from both Warragul and Leongatha. Twelve juniors ranging in a age from 9 to 16 competed in 5 events. The winners of the Junior races were James Lalor in the scratch race, Joe Patrick from Jessica Monk in the first Handicap, Joe Patrick won the second Handicap, Cy Monk just took out the B grade scratch race and James Lalor won the A grade scratch race.

In the senior events most of the A grade riders were saving themselves to compete at the Vodaphone Arena on Saturday night. This left Paul Yeatman and Callan Barker to fight out most of the races. They shared the prizes on the night although the Williams boys and Trev Rollinson made sure they had to work hard for their wins.

Callan Barker and Paul Yeatman cleaned up on the night in the seniors.  A large number of juniors saw them out number the older riders.

Events held included scratch races, handicaps, a modified points race and a motorpaced event.  Final points for the three night series follows:

Final Points

Seniors Juniors
Brett Rollinson 23 James Lalor 28
Callan Barker 19 Cy Monk 21
Kane Walker 14 Michael Wight 11
Paul Yeatman 13 Ruben Baillie 10
Trevor Rollinson 12 Jessie Monk 8
Phil Gallagher 11 Rupert Ballie 7
Nathan Corrigan 6 Joe Patrick 6
James Henry 6 Morgan Clark 5
Rob Monk 5 Tom Dudley 5
Shannon McCurley 4 Renee Patrick 4
Dave Ballie 3 Elliot Gin 3
Mark Oakley Browne 3 Ben Patterson 2
Karen Munroe 3
Darren Williams 2
Scott Keeble 2

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