2008/2009 Track – Week 1


After an abortive week last week with 7 laps to go of race 1, track kicked off for a full night of fast racing this Tuesday.  We had riders from WCC, LCCC and Carnegie CC in attendance

Race 1 was a 15 lap scratch race.  Racing was fairly sedate until 2 to go when Brett Rollinson attacked.  He was closely followed by Shannon McCurley (LCCC) with Paul Yeatman a little behind.  McCurley rode over the top of Rollinson with Yeatman following a few bike lengths back.

Race 2 was a 7 lap elimination.  After the neutral 1st lap, Paul Yeatman went to the front and made sure he stayed there for each lap.  Callan Barker was the 2nd last to be eliminated, leaving Shannon McCurley followed closely by Paul Yeatman.  Around the final bend Yeatman managed to go around McCurley to come home by half a wheel.

Race 3 was a 3 lap handicap with McCurley and B. Rollinson off scratch, Yeatman and Barker off 40 and Phillip Malneil (CCC) and Trevor Rollinson off 80.  At the start, Barker’s wheel slipped but he managed to stay upright.  This left Yeatman to chase down the 80m bunch of Malneil and T. Rollinson.  With no one to help, Yeatman ran out of legs with a lap to go.  Scratch was unable to catch those in front.

Race 4 was an Italian Pursuit with the team 1 consisting of McCurley, Yeatman and T. Rollinson and team 2 consisting of B. Rollinson, Barker and Malneil.  Team 1 won the toss and elected to finish into the headwind.  Racing was neck and neck until the final lap when B. Rollinson pulled away for an easy victory.

Race 5 was a 21 lap motor pace.  All riders managed the pace which saw the final lap completed at an average of 48kph.  B. Rollinson made hi move with a lap to go and easily outpaced McCurley who held off a fast finishing Yeatman.

Race Details

Race 1

15 lap scratch (5km @ 38.3kph)

Rider Place Time
S. McCurley 1 7:50
B. Rollinson 2 7:50
P. Yeatman 3 7:51
C. Barker 4
T. Rollinson 5
P. Malneil 6

Race 2

7 lap elimination (2.33km @ 40.3kph)

Rider Lap Eliminated
S. McCurley 2nd place
B. Rollinson ?
P. Yeatman 1st place 0:3:27.74
C. Barker 2 to go
T. Rollinson ?
P. Malneil ?

Race 3

3 lap handicap (1km)

Rider Place Time
S. McCurley 0:1:19.96 45.02kph for 1km
B. Rollinson 0:1:19.96
P. Yeatman (40m) 3 0:1:15.76 45.62kph for 960m
C. Barker (40m)
T. Rollinson (80m) 2 0:1:15.44 43.9kph for 920m
P. Malneil (80m) 1 0:1:15.44 43.9kph for 920m

Race 4

3 lap Italian Pursuit (1km)

Team 1 Place Team 2
S. McCurley B. Rollinson
P. Yeatman C. Barker
T. Rollinson P. Malneil
Time: 0:1:20.79 Time: 0:1:18.93
44.56kph 45.61kph

Race 5

21 lap motor pace (7km @ 39.18kph)

Rider Place Time
B. Rollinson 1 0:10:43.22
P. Yeatman 2 0:10:43.75
S. McCurley 3 0:10:44.19
C. Barker 4 0:10:44.52
P. Malneil 5 0:10:44.57
T. Rollinson 6 0:10:46.89

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