2008/2009 Track – Week 2


Race 1 was a 15 lap scratch race.  Racing slowly ramped up the pace until with 3 laps to go, Paul Yeatman launched an attack.  This lasted for around 2.5 laps.  He was then swamped by most of the field.  Brett Rollinson gave chase closely followed by Shannon McCurley (LCCC) and Callan Barker.  Trevor Rollinson came up the rear.

Race 2 was an elimination with a rider out every 2nd lap.  Yeatman took after after the neutral first lap and stayed in front until 4 laps to go.  T. Rollinson was eliminated fist, then Callan.  The third rider eliminated was McCurley after being narrowly beaten by Yeatman who then got a taste of his own medicine (dished out last week) as B. Rollinson stuck to his rear wheel until initiating the sprint around the final bend.  The two riders were neck and neck with neither able to gain ground on the other.  This meant Rollinson won by half a length.

Race 3 was series of 1km time trials. There was bit of controversy with the distance as riders rode about 10metres further than the 1000km distance.  Each rider rode faster than the one before them.  Congratulations to the handicappers picking the perfect starting order.  Barker went first followed by T. Rollinson, Yeatman and then B. Rollinson.  All riders had a slow lap 1 followed by a fastest lap 2 and a slightly slower lap 3.  Some fast laps were posted.

Race 4 was a 20 lap motor pace.  All riders managed the pace which saw the final lap completed at an average of 53kph.  Yeatman again took off a fair way out (this time at 2.5kms) and was unable to hold off a fast finishing B. Rollinson or Barker who both rolled him in the final metres.

Race Details

Race 1

15 lap scratch (5km @ 41.8kph)

Rider Place Time
B. Rollinson 7:17.12
S. McCurley 7:17.29
C. Barker 7:17.67
P. Yeatman 7:18.62
T. Rollinson 7:24.79

Race 2

9 lap elimination (3km @ 44.11kph)

Rider Lap Eliminated
S. McCurley 3rd place
B. Rollinson 1st place
P. Yeatman 2nd place 0:4:04.86
C. Barker 2nd to go
T. Rollinson 1st to go?

Race 3

1km Time Trials

Rider Place Time Avg (kph)
C. Barker 4th Lap 1 ?
Lap 2 ?
Lap 3 ?
Total 0:1:29.71 40.13
T. Rollinson 3rd Lap 1 0:0:32.87 36.61
Lap 2 0:0:25.66 45.01
Lap 3 0:0:29.34 40.90
Total 0:1:28.87 40.51
P. Yeatman 2nd Lap 1 0:0:31.62 37.95
Lap 2 0:0:24.75 48.48
Lap 3 0:0:28.02 42.83
Total 0:1:24.39 42.66
B. Rollinson 1st Lap 1 0:0:30.75 39.02
Lap 2 0:0:25.03 47.94
Lap 3 0:0:26.05 46.06
Total 0:1:21.83 43.99

Race 4

20 lap motor pace (6.666km @ 40.77kph)

Rider Place Time
B. Rollinson 1 0:9:48.65
C. Barker 2 0:9:49.22
P. Yeatman 4 0:9:49.22
T. Rollinson 6 0:9:58.38

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