Garden Shed Criterium Series

For details of the Garden Shed Criterium series run on Friday evenings over January and first week of February 2013, go here.

A flyer for this racing can be found here.

When: Friday 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of January and 1st of February.
Where: Chesterfield Park

Timetable for Friday Night Crits

  1. 5.40 Juniors (J17 and below) 15 mins + 2 laps. (Senior Riders may warm up with juniors helping instruct the youngsters in race tactics and etiquette)
  2. 6.00 Womens, 25 minutes plus 3 laps
  3. 6. 30 Division 3, 25 minutes plus 3 laps
  4. 7.00 Division 2 30 minutes plus 3 laps
  5. 7.35 Division 1 35 minutes plus 3 laps


  • To race the Crits you must enter online by midnight on Thursday before Friday’s Race or for non facebook users by texting your name and “I want
    to race” to 0417358978.
  • Members must have a full racing licence or 3 race permit to race.
  • If you don’t pre-register you won’t be able to race.
  • Riders will be ranked and placed in either Division 1,2 or 3 based on form, ability and numbers on the night. Your division may change from week to week depending on who turns up.
  • Women may elect to race in the Women’s only race or the open divisions.
  • Number of entrants in each Division will be capped at 20 riders. Register early to secure your spot.

Special Race Rules

  1. You may have a lap out for a mechanical. You must report to the race day co-ordinator if having a lap out for a crash or a mechanical. You will be instructed by the race day co-ordinator when it is safe to re-enter the race.
  2. If you are more than half a lap behind the main bunch you may be withdrawn from the race by the race director. This is to prevent “nearly lapped” riders from interfering with the finish of the race.
  3. Anyone more than ½ a lap down will be withdrawn from the race at the bell.
  4. If you are dropped in the first half of the race you can have a lap out and rejoin the main bunch. You are ineligible to win the race and must just “sit on” and try not to influence the result of the race. The race day coordinator will manage this process.
  5. Riders will race in the divisions assigned. Divisions will be published the club facebook site on Friday morning.

Series Points:

  1. Points will be awarded to the first 5 placegetters in each division. 5 Points for 1st, 4 for 2nd, 3 for third, 2 for 4th and 1 for 5th to 20th.
  2. Series points are for your best 4 races in the series.
  3. The overall series winner will be the rider who accumulates the most points in the five race series.
  4. Womens points will be kept separately and a winner of the women’s series will also be awarded. Women who score points in the open divisions also have them counted towards the women’s division as well as the open division.


Prizes for the most series points are:

  • Juniors $30 Garden Shed Gift Voucher
  • Women $50 Garden Shed Gift Voucher
  • Open $100 Garden Shed Gift Voucher.

Thanks to Pete O’Donnell and the Garden Shed for the sponsorship.

Get down to the Garden Shed and support the businesses that support the Warragul Cycling Club.