New Club Kit Approved By Comittee


At last night’s club meeting, the committee approved the new club kit, 11 votes to 1.

Once we get approval from CV regarding the design and set up an online shop through Champion System, you will be able to order the kit in as large or as small a quantity as you like.

The orange is said to link to the current kit / club history.  There are lines falling at an angle on the right of the mountains to signify the sun.  The blue signifies the sky (not the blue in the old kit).  The white sides and orange bands are high visibility elements.  The mountains represent how hilly Warragul is. The pin stripes are there because the committee wanted some.  The swoosh on the chest logo can also be interpreted  as a road leading to the mountains*.  On the back of the jersey there are more lines (white with a gradient fading to black) at an angle that should add a slimming effect.  There are also some low contrast downward overlapping triangles on the glute panel of the shorts.

Of the “winning” “straw poll” design, the only remaining elements are the predominantly black design. the new text logo element,  club logo on the chest in a non standard colour, solid arm bands and some form of pin-striping.

See it here.


*The webmaster prefers to think it leads away from the mountains, nasty things.