WCC Race Numbers Ebay Auction

5 Years of Sponsorship Exposure!

The Club is buying new race numbers for use on Road and Track events.  The new numbers are cloth and in duplicate (you will wear two numbers  on your back – one on left and right side) and will last for five  years.

This is Your Opportunity to Sponsor All Numbers or  Just One Grade

  •  A Grade – numbers 1 to 20
  •  B Grade – numbers 21 to 40
  •  C Grade – numbers 41 to 60
  •  D Grade – numbers 61 to 80
  •  E Grade – numbers 81 to 100

How Do You Get Your Business Name (or  Your Employer’s) and  Logo on These Numbers?

Simple, put your bid on our Ebay site (dead link deleted).  Quick –  you only have 9 days and 4 hours to bid!   Alternately, go to ebay and search for “Warragul Cycling Club”

Proceeds of the Sponsorship will be used to

  • a) pay for the numbers and  then
  • b) contribute towards our ‘Safe Bunch Riding in Baw Baw” project  that is commencing tonight. Any surplus funds will be applied to our  junior track facilities. Great causes, and hence the request for your  support!

If you want to bid but are not on ebay please email your bid to Jayman  Prestidge at this email address and I will place a bid on your behalf.  Your email will be evidence of the bid and if successful, cash will be  payable immediately upon a successful bid.

This is a great opportunity for an ongoing sponsorship with the fastest growing  club in Warragul!  Your name and /or logo will be seen on many cyclists most weekends around the region.
PS. Any unsold numbers will feature the current Presidents photo so  please ensure you bid to avoid having to put up with me more than you  do!

Cheers and see you on the road,

Jayman Prestidge