AG-Challenge Criterium


By Paul Yeatman

The ‘Land Safe Ag Challenge Consulting Series’ kicked off with a Big Bang in 2016! 58 racers across 5 Grades saw some great racing.

Thanks to Adele Whelan, Linda Tubnor, Graeme Parker, Geoff Gatt and Shane Stiles for their efforts on race day.


A Grade Results

  1. Glenn Marriott
  2. Brett Rollinson
  3. Brett Kennedy

B Grade Results


  1. Joe Patrick
  2. “Sit on Sprinter”
  3. Josh Akarsu


C Grade Results


  1. Steve Muggeridge
  2. Mariah Dastey
  3. Colin Brown


D Grade Results


  1. Jason Fritzlaf
  2. Rob Waddell
  3. Rachel Kimber

E Grade Results

  1. Declan Jeffery
  2. Olle McLean
  3. Macca Parkinson


Series Results After 1 Week.

Points so far

Riders are encouraged to pre enter at the following link : series details and entry.

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