Limit Bunch Wins Handicap


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Bulk Transport Equipment Handicap Race 1

It is fair to say the handicapper got it completely wrong on Sunday. A handicap where most groups don’t catch anyone or get caught from behind means the handicapper has messed it up.

First away with a very generous 10 minutes head start on scratch were Glen Tex Walker, Daniel Bishop, Colin Brown, David Smith, Leigh Jamieson and Mariah Dastey, Mariah struggled with the early speed and decided to ride with the smoother “captain surge less” 7.5 minute group of Jason Dastey, Neil Edwards, Thommo, Lochie Mushet, Matt Malacarne and Mark Mason. Dastey, Mushet and Malacarne were the main drivers of this bunch but they could not catch the 10 minute group.

The 5 minute group of Joe Soano, Jason Fritzlaff, Pete Whelan, Gary Ollson, Allan McColloch and Scott Keeble blew to bits early. Fritzaff, Ollson and Keeble unable to keep up with Soano and McColloch who were driving the bunch hard. Pete Whelan was able to go with them. They caught the 7.5 minute bunch with a lap to go. Soano and McColloch kept driving and had many in the red zone by the finish.

The chopping block group also lacked cohesion and lost Jason Tubnor early. Big Jim Timmer-Arends and Will Lumby were super strong. Graeme Parker and Rob Monk were minor contributors while George Tambassis just did all he could to survive. He did manage one crystal turn in the final three laps but was still with them at the finish.

Scratch were a dissonant rabble. Rupert Stiles was more interested in inflicting pain on emerging rival leviathan Brett Kennedy. Every time Stiles sensed Kennedy was struggling, which was often, he would ramp up the pace. First Leigh Hauxwell on lap one then Glynn Marriott on lap two found the pace too much and were dropped. Matt Parkinson and Brett Rollinson were strong and consistent contributors.

At the bell it was clear the handicapper had got it horribly wrong. The Limit bunch were going to win. Col Brown and Tex Walker had done most work and were clearly the strongest at the finish. Col led Tex out and Tex looked the winner but had an anxious moment when Daniel Bishop had a run down the inside of the at him. Tex shut the door on him and took the win. Col was third with Dave Smith fourth. A minute later Jason Dastey won the bunch sprint in the combined 5min and 7.5 minute group. He beat Neil Edwards and Thommo.

The 2.5 minute bunch finished a minute later and a minute after them scratch arrived. Brett Kennedy’s only all-out effort for the day was to outsprint those that had contributed all race to take a hollow victory in the battle for fastest time. Matt Parkinson’s feedback to Brett after the sprint was less than complimentary. He referred to Brett as an indolent non-contributor; or words to that effect.

Race two of the Bulk Transport Equipment Handicap Series is on next Sunday at 8.30am at Darnum. Register online to race.

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