First of the Strezlecki Realty Criteriums a Success


The Strezlecki Battle of Traf Series Race 1.
29 Starters for a great morning of club racing at our new crit course.

A Grade

  1. Mitch Jones
  2. Jarryd Jones
  3. Harrison McLean
  4. rupert
  5. Kenny

B Grade

  1. Rob Monk
  2. Tubbs
  3. Michael salerno
  4. Leigh Jamieson
  5. G. Tambassis

C Grade

  1. Simon Baxter
  2. Tex Walker
  3. Jarrod Croxford
  4. Danny Dilger
  5. Bryce Edhouse

D Grade

  1. Claire Trembath
  2. Bruce Evanson
  3. Peter McLean
  4. Lea McLean
  5. Annie Pryjmak

Next week is a break for the TDU. Racing returns on the 28th of Jan.

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