Third Strezlecki Realty Criterium


The Strezlecki Battle of Traf Series Race 3.
30 riders raced today across the four grades.

A Grade

  1. Daniel Furmston
  2. Daniel Gafa
  3. Brett Rollinson

B Grade

  1. Simon Baxter
  2. Graeme Parker
  3. George Tambassis

C Grade

  1. Jarrod Croxford
  2. Ben Perry
  3. Evan Campbell

D Grade

  1. Peter McLean
  2. Lea McLean
  3. Annie Pryjmak

A grade saw the three place getters off the front multiple times before making their final move with 20 minutes to go.

B grade say a two man break begun by Mark Mason on lap two and joined by George Tambassis on lap five.  It lasted until 17 laps in once the bunch wanted to work to bring them back.

C grade saw a few determined breaks by Aron Nash that did not survive.

Racing begins at 8:30 for B/D and 9:30 for A/C.

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