Fourth Strezlecki Realty Criterium


The Strezlecki Battle of Trafalgar Series Race 4.
25 riders raced today across the four grades.

A Grade

  1. Tom Mcfarlane
  2. Daniel Furmston
  3. Curl Skinner
  4. Will Lumby
  5. Joustra

B Grade

  1. G. Tambassis
  2. Paul Y
  3. Connor
  4. Graeme Parker
  5. Peter Macdonald

C Grade

  1. Danny Dilger
  2. Trev Nicklen
  3. Aaron Nash

D Grade

  1. Annie Pryjmak
  2. Ashley Dilger


Thanks to Zvonko Maric for being race director, Rob Monk, George Tambassis, Mark Mason for standing on the corners and Leigh Hauxwell for putting the signs out.

Race 5 of the series is on next Sunday. All races will commence at 8.30 next week. (Note the earlier start time).

A Grade:

McFarlaine, Furmston, Skinner and Lumby formed an early break which they maintained until the finish.

B Grade:

McDonald tried to off the front many times in the first half of the race. Every move was chased by Yeatman. In the final lap, Parker took off along the back straight stringing out the bunch.

C Grade:

The riders stayed together for the entire race.

D Grade:

Pryjmak got away early on and soloed to the end.

Standings at the end of race four. The six race series is decided on the best of four.

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