Club Member of the Year

The Club Member of the Year award was introduced in 2012 to recognize members who have displayed (or given ) a large amount of:

  • passion
  • time
  • leadership
  • actual work
  • positive behavior

to the club over the course of the year (AGM to AGM)


Anyone can be nominated and all members will get the chance to vote.

Nomination Criteria

  1. Actions and behavior exhibit passion for the club and development of local cycling
  2. Exhibits leadership in club direction and development
  3. Significant personal time committed to the club in one or more capacities,eg. Club Admin/Direction, Catering, Race Attendance, Race or Club Management, Maintenance, Promotion etc
  4. Exhibits positive behavior that promotes the best interest of the club and sport of cycling

Club Member of the Year

2015 – Graeme Parker

2014 – Paul Yeatman

2013 – Jayman Prestidge

2012 – Shane Stiles