Bicycle Centre Sunday 8:00AM

Our Sunday ride was written about in Ride magazine a few years back.  Read a reproduction here.

Consists of a mixture of triathletes, club cyclists, A-Graders through to beginners. Because not everyone on this ride is a club member, the club cannot sanction this as a club ride and therefore individual members will be responsible for their own safety, insurance etc. There can be anywhere from 10 – 30 cyclists on this ride, depending upon weather, wind or time of year. This is a great ride to gauge where you are at, generally, if you can keep up with the back of the bunch here then you are more than ready to race. The intensity ranges from relaxed to high with some points of respite throughout but don’t expect them to wait if you have bitten off more than you can chew. If you can’t hold onto the back wheel then don’t despair, the 8:15 ride is for you.

Ride Features:

  • Start at Bicycle Superstore, Queen St Warragul 8:00am (often a keen group will do a ride commencing earlier and meet up with this bunch for the start).

  • Cyclists ride as a bunch to the base of the Shady Creek hills. This is essentially a warm up but can sometimes be fast. The road out is fairly flat and gets more scenic and more rural as it heads out of town towards dairy country.

  • At the base of the first and major climb, the stronger hill climbers strut their stuff. Over the top and up a second more forgiving climb to a great view of Mt Baw Baw. Those in front may stop at the top of the second Shady Creek hill and wait for a little while. The bunch grabs a quick drink and then its off again.

  • The bunch then descends towards Yarragon, often at speed, with echelon’s formed to protect people from wind. A couple of fast stretches punctuate the brilliant scenery and add to the thrill of the ride.

  • A pinchy little climb (just past milking shed) tests the legs prior to the descent into Yarragon.

  • The descent onto the flats is followed by a fast pace line into Yarragon where the pace quickens towards the second speed sign following a left hand corner into Yarragon spreading the bunch right out.

  • Following the push into Yarragon the bunch will re-group usually with the assistance of a red light. If you are in visual range they should wait for you.

  • The cruise through Yarragon is followed by a left hand turn onto a road that is known for its subtle rise up to Parkers Rd. Sometimes the legs are tested, sometimes its a slow ride.

  • Hold onto your helmets and choose your sit wisely as the pace kicks up along Parkers Rd and finishes with a sprint. Lose touch here and its a solo ride back into Warragul.

  • Generally a steady pace to the small hills on Bona Vista where it becomes a battle for the first to be served a cafe Latte. Up the difficult Bona Vista hill is a free for all as the climbers make their escape towards a coffee. Care is taken on the decent with a roundabout not to be messed with at the bottom. Then it is off to one of the shops in Warragul’s CBD for a coffee, cake and conversation at around 9:45 where you just fail to get in before the 8:15 bunch. The group disperses around 10:30am.

Cyclists on the Sunday ride should have a good level of fitness before expecting the bunch to wait – an average speed of above 30km/hr is to be expected with top speeds above 40kph. The club has a slower bunch leaving the same spot at 8:15 to take the Sthurs Rd short cut to Yarragon.

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