Bicycle Centre Sunday 8:15AM

A ride designed for fitness but not to blow your doors off. If you are new to bunch riding or just not quite up to speed yet then this is the ride for you. The more relaxed atmosphere and the bypass of the two Shady Creek hills makes this an ideal introductory bunch ride. The intensity ranges from relaxed to high but the ride offers points of respite throughout and the bunch will wait at key points along the way. The WCC prides itself on being a warm, welcoming and friendly club, and as such, tries to control the pace of this bunch so it is an inviting ride for beginners. This ride commences from Bicycle Superstore on Queen St. Because not everyone on this ride is a club member, the club cannot sanction this as a club ride and therefore individual members will be responsible for their own safety, insurance etc.

Ride Features

  • Cruise out of town towards Nilma turn left and up towards Shady Crk. Pace is pretty steady and most people are warming up.

  • A couple of corners and instead of continuing up towards the Shady Crk Hills, it deviates along Sthurs Rd (Past Bonlac) up a slight incline.

  • A right then left takes you onto Little Moe River Rd. This is a fast decent into Yarragon and is concluded with a sprint past the speed signs.

  • Over the railway lines and then you are in the heart of Yarragon.

  • The cruise through Yarragon is followed by a left hand turn onto a road that is known for its subtle rise up to Parkers Rd. Sometimes the legs are tested, sometimes its a slow ride but either way the bunch will slow down and keep everyone together.

  • The pace kicks up along Parkers Rd and finishes with a sprint. The bunch will regroup just after this so don’t panic if you get dropped.

  • Generally a steady pace to the small hills on Bona Vista where some will test their legs up the difficult Bona Vista hill. Push your way through it and the bunch will re-group at the top. Coffee is now very close. Care is taken on the decent with a roundabout not to be messed with at the bottom. Then it is off to one of the shops in Warragul’s CBD for a coffee, cake and conversation at around 9:35. The other bunch should arrive about 1 minute after you have got the froth on your top lip from the Latte. The group disperses around 10:30am

bikeland 8:15