8 Minute Bunch too Strong


By Graeme Hanks

Riders of the eight minute bunch ‘cleaned up’ the placings in the Warragul Amateur Cycling Club’s Summer Aggregate race last Saturday.  Shaun Ellassy proved too strong in a big bunch sprint for the line, with Andrew Wolstencroft coming in second from Matt Pearsall third.  With one lap to go in the race, the bunch showed great determination when caught by a couple of scratch riders, lifting themselves to hold their wheel, not realizing they were a whole lap down.

Fastest time was Wayne Kestle riding the 30km in 45 minutes 16 seconds. A very keen time considering that the scratch bunch were reduced to only three riders for half the race.  Wayne who is still only a juvenile rider is proving to be a real handful for the senior riders so far this year.

In the Juvenile race, Dale Lester proved too strong for Ben Wolstencroft second and Travis Fromholtz third.  A good win for Dale who tries hard every week, following in his brother Bradley’s footsteps another promising juvenile rider.  Fastest time was Shane Dwyer, 20 minutes ‘even’ for the 12 km (an average speed of 36 km/h) a very fast time for Shane.

Together  with  Wayne Kestle, Bradley Lester, Shane Dwyer and the ever increasing number of young riders, the Club is very enthusiastic about the future, and hopes to field a  very good team in this year’s Juvenile Road time trial.

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