Hanks Wins Easily


By Ian fromholtz

The Drouin Cycles 1000 bike race sponsored by Wilf Tampaline drew a large crowd of Veteran Cyclists on Sunday morning despite the miserable weather.  Local cyclists performed well even though they were competing against more experienced Melbourne riders.   Graeme Hanks managed to break away in the 54 km D grade race and record a comfortable win.  Ian Fromholtz and Brian Miller came third and fourth respectively in the 70 km C grade race.  Wilf Tampaline announced after the race that he hoped to make the race an annual event

Club ITT

The following results from the individual time trial held by the Warragul Cycling Club will give competitors a good insight to where they are with their training in relationship to other riders.  John Salton was first with a time of 16 minutes 5 seconds. Peter Finlayson plus 18 seconds, Brad Lester plus 32 seconds, Ian Fromholtz plus 51 seconds, Graeme Hanks plus 57 seconds, Paul Yeatman plus 1.20 minutes, Mike  Goyne plus 1.29 minutes, Andy Rule plus 2.13 minutes, Kevin Gannon plus 2.20 minutes, Glen Beveridge plus 2.49 minutes and Ken Best plus 2.56 minutes.

Brett Miller was first in Juveniles with a time of 18 minutes 44 seconds, Brett Williams plus four seconds, Stuart Cuckson plus 33 seconds, Travis Fromholtz plus 1.05 minutes, Karl Boomsma plus 1.33 minutes and Damian Jarrod plus 5.05 minutes.

Phil Gallagher came in tenth out of 120 starters in the Pro-AM Colac race on Saturday, the race was won by ex-Olympian Scott Steward.

Wayne Kestle recorded one of his most satisfying wins when he beat long time rival Brent McCraig in a 40 k scratch race at Colac on Saturday.  Wayne was all set to have another hit out with Brent on Sunday but two punctures in the warm up put paid to any continuation of the rivalry.

Next Saturday the club will hold a 30 km handicap race at Nilma North.

On Sunday (30th) the club will host the prestigious Ross Yeoman Memorial handicap race at Jindivick.  Last year the race was won by Grub Melnyk riding off limit and fastest time was taken out by scratch man Rob Kypriotis.

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