Keeble Wins Handicap


By Murray Fenwick

Junior cyclist Scott Keeble sprinted home to take out Saturday’s handicapped Criterium event held at Bourke St. His victory was largely due to luck in the form of the second scratch bunch who were just starting off over the 3km circuit as the 10 minute markers passed them.  This resulted in the 10 minute markers being dragged around the course by the strong second scratch bunch.  The problem was that second scratch had to gain seven minutes on the 10 minute markers or in other words had to take back the lap that the 10 minute markers had gained before second scratch started.  No matter how hard they tried they couldn’t shake the 10 minute bunch and ended up leading them to victory.

Not even the scratch men could come close to catching these riders even considering they averaged over 45kph over the 30 minute race and made record times in the first lap at 4.05 for 3 km.  However their efforts were all in vain as Keeble easily took the event in 48.22.

Phil Gallagher took fastest time in 42.42 in narrowly taking out the sprint to the line which saw four riders surging for the line neck and neck until the last few metres when Gallagher created the gap.

The ride of the day also came from this bunch in Anthony Vogrig.  He managed to hold onto the wheels of the more experienced riders over the duration of the event and only finished 10 seconds off the winner.

Another excellent ride was that of Matt Hall who, considering that the junior riders were being towed along by second scratch still took time out of them and should be commended for his gutsy performance. New rider Paul Kennedy also rode extremely well in his first ride with the club and should prove to be a force to be reckoned with in the up coming summer series.

Limit markers –

13 minutes: Paul Kennedy 54.04, Stephen Fenwick 54.37, Tedd Dunn, Ron Grant 54.42, Dilger DNF. 10 minute mark: Scott Keeble48.21,Ben Fleming 48.22, Russ Walker, Anthony Vogrig 48.34, Ian De Bryne 49.34, Jason Boxall 49.51, Vic Spunner 56.29.

7 minutes: Malt Hall 47.18, Travis Fromholtz 47.25, Kim Spunner 53.16, Williams DNF.

3 minutes: Chris Kypriotis 45.42, Dale Grant 45.55.Paul Yeatman 47.45, Ross Henry 49.08, Hanks, Finlayson, Cairns DNF.

Scratch: Phil Gallagher (fastest), Aaron Nobelius, Geoff Thomson, Murray Fenwick, Stuart Corkran 42.42, all same time.

Members are reminded of this Sunday’s community social ride in aid of West Gippsland Hospital.

The ride will be 65 km leaving Warragul velodrome at 10am, we will be riding from Warragul to Bayles and return.

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