Ride It Report 07/08/2005

Despite the foul weather last Sunday five riders made the effort for the ride from Longwarry and return via Bunyip, Garfield, Tynong, Cora Lyn , Bayles & Modella. The course was flat but both very wet and windy. After 49 ks the riders arrived back safe and sound albeit a little wind blown. Despite the refreshing dose of exercise, it certainly makes one appreciate the comforts of home on a bleak winters day. People often appreciate the experience more having bit the bullet and cycled in these conditions. It certainly beats sitting in the loungeroom thinking about exercise. The riders who braved the elements were Kath Hamilton, Coralie Tyrrell, Robyn Gray, Dave Ruskin & Roy Hammond.

The next ride day is Sunday August 14 commencing at 9am from the velodrome.

Reports are also to hand that the magpie swooping season has commenced. Whilst they can be scary they generally just give you a little bit of a fright. Cyclists should remember that you have the protection of your bike helmet and it is probably best to just keep your head down and keep riding. Be careful of taking avoiding action at the expense of falling off your bike or running off the road, the magpie is the preferred option here.

There is one particularly friendly magpie on the top of the first climb towards Shady Creek from Warragul. If you know they are there then you can mentally prepare to be swooped.