The Race of Truth


Warragul cycling club members turned out to contest the “race of truth” on Saturday. The event was a time trial. Riders set off individually at one minute intervals and race against the clock. There is no-one to draft behind and riders had to set their own pace and maintain it over the 24 km 3 lap course.

In D grade Tammy Patrick averaged 29.5 km/h and Glen Ogilvie won the day averaging 31 km/h

In C grade Rob Monk won his first ever time trial averaging 34.3 km/h from Neil Walker who was 51 seconds slower.

B grade had the largest field of the day. Best time of the day in B grade was recorded by Mark OakleyBrowne. He completed the course just one second faster than Brett Rollinson. Both averaged close to 37 km/h. A further 40 seconds back in third place was Pete Finlayson. Pete was saving himself for next week’s Tim McArdle handicap and did not want to expose his form. Next a further 17 seconds back was Gordon Foster. Then came Callan Barker and Matt Kennelly.

In A grade time trial specialist Thomas Sander took the prize and fastest time of the day. Thomas completed the course in 37 minutes 40 seconds, an average speed of nearly 39 km/h. Geoff Thomson was second and Paul Yeatman third (5th overall).

In the junior race Jessica Monk completed one lap averaging 23km/h. This was Jessie’s first start in a road race and she did really well. Cy Monk, Renee and Joe Patrick also raced but they completed 2 laps. Cy won the day averaging 28.6 km/h. Joe was 38 seconds back second with Renee in third place.

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