Hot Cyclists Return to Racing


Hot and dry conditions welcomed Warragul cyclist back to racing after the Christmas break.

Despite the heat A grade had the largest field of the day. Their race started at a steady pace but got quicker every lap as Shane Stiles put the pace on. Visitors Chris Joustra from Latrobe City Cycling Club and Michael Hale from Caufield Carnegie were happy to go with the accelerations. The pace and heat proved too much for Scott Keeble and Darryl Anderson and they headed for the cool drinks early and didn’t finish the race. At the end of the penultimate lap Simon Baxter took off and established a good break. Stiles watched him go while Joustra and Hale waited for someone else to chase. This meant Baxter’s lead grew to over 100 meters as race Marshal Anthony Lalor rang the bell to signify one lap to go. Stiles let Jousta and Hale chase for awhile then jumped over to Baxter and the race was over. Not stopping, Stiles rode past a tiring Baxter to take the win. Simon battled on well to hold second place. Then followed Chris Joustra and Micheal Hale.

In B grade the race started at a pedestrian pace. The heat seemed to have affected the bunch and no-one was keen to race. After half an hour Rob Monk decided to mix it up a bit. He took off up the King St hill and “power-house” triathlete Gary Olson joined him going over the top. The pair kept the pace on for a lap and established a small break. Trev Rollinson and Adam Lancaster from LCCC managed to get over to Rob and Gary and a working group of four riders formed. This was the end of the race for James Lalor, Larry Pollock, Steve Muggeridge and Dave Baily as they could not get across to the leaders. After 2 more solid laps the four leaders settled down for the inevitable sprint finish. Lancaster took a fly at the group with half a lap to go but Monk was quick to get onto his wheel. Adam was forced to do the pace-making into the head wind on the home straight. Olson could not contain himself though and jumped for home with 400 meters to race. Monk was quickly onto his wheel and the stayed there until 100 meters before the line. He then just managed to get past Olson on the line. Trev Rollinson was making ground on them both at the line as he took out a close third spot. Adam hung on for forth.

The small C grade group of Cy Monk, Rupert Bailey and Karen Munro worked together for most of the race. Karen, as the senior rider volunteered to lead the young fellows out in the sprint. Rupert was having none of this and flew past Karen with 500 meters to go. Cy followed his wheel and waited until he was exhausted. Cy passed him with 200 meters to go to take the win. Rupert took out second and Karen finished third.

Next week’s race starts at 5.00pm on Saturday at the Burke street circuit.

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