Young Guns Surprise Win


The young can sometimes surprise their elders, especially when the more senior citizens underestimate them. This was the case at the end of the Warragul Cycling Club race when thirteen year olds Cyrus Monk and Jayden Manintveld sprinted past riders more than three times their age to take out 1st and 2nd in the race.

Cy and Jayden started the race first with 17 minutes start on scratch. Most thought they would have to stay away for four laps (45km) to win the race.

They worked well together for the first 3 laps but were caught by the combined 12 and 9 minute bunch near the end of lap 3. Dave Redman and Colin Aitken had blitzed on lap 1 and 2 but such was their pace they dropped Grant Neilson. They caught 12 minute riders Paul Robb, Paul Kennedy and Matt Williamson on lap 2 and gathered in the two young riders on by lap 3. Most would think someone from the 9 or 12 minute bunch would win.

The 6 minute trio of Duncan Orr, Steve Muggeridge and Matt Kennelly was not gaining quickly enough of the groups in front to figure in the finish but they were holding off the 2 minute quartet of Justin and Jayman Prestidge, Rob Monk and Neil Walker. The scratch men were also struggling to make up the required time and as the groups received the bell it was clear the out-markers would prevail. Scratch and Second scratch both averaged over 38km/h but could not close the time gaps to the groups in front.

Redman, Aitken and Kennedy did the majority of work on the bell lap to ensure the out-markers would not be caught. Williamson rolled through occasionally while the young blokes sat on for the ride.

Rounding the home turn Kennedy moved to the front with Williamson well positioned on his wheel. Dave Redman and Colin Aitken were also well placed.

Kennedy went for home and strung the field out. Cy Monk and Jayden Manintveld were well rested and patient as the older riders battled for position. Williamson passed Kennedy with about 400m to the line. Cy had waited long enough and after laying back took a run around the outside and headed for the line. He put a small gap in Jayden Manintveld who was quick to get onto Cy’s wheel. The young guns flew past to take the quinella. Cy first, Jayden second with the hard working Aitken third. Then followed Matt Williamson, Dave Redman, and Paul Kennedy.

Less than two minutes later the 6 minute trio of Kennelly, Orr and Muggeridge crossed the line. Then 30 seconds later Rob Monk, Neil Walker and Jayman Prestige finished 30 seconds in front of the scratchies Geoff Thomson, Paul Yeatman and Darryl Anderson.

First time racers Kallah Lewis and Andrew De Bona completed 3 laps and enjoyed the ride.

Next week the club is holding an individual time trial in preparation for our ITT Championships which will be held June 19 at Cloverlea.

Two weeks from now, we are hosting stage 2 of the Gippsland 3 Day Tour.

Racing shifts to a 1pm start from next week.

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