The Race of Truth at Cloverlea


A respectable twenty riders showed up to race against the clock at Cloverlea this afternoon. As soon as the first rider was away, the rain began and did not let up until much of the race was ridden. Today’s race was an opportunity for some to test out new gear and others to get an idea of their form in the lead up to next week’s Three Day Tour.

Riders began in assumed slowest to fastest order. This meant recently crowned club road Champ, Brenton Jones would be the one to start last and the man to beat. No gradings were assigned so perhaps the handicapper will be repositioning a rider or two after today.

Brenton Jones passed Thomas Sander shortly after Sander passed Paul Yeatman after about 5 minutes of racing. Next to fall was Thommo who started 30 seconds ahead of Yeatman. Thommo stayed close to Sander for a short while and was passed by Yeatman up the sort rise just after the turn into Parker’s Road.

During lap two, the faster riders took many scalps with riders such as Tammy Patrick surviving until the final trip up Parker’s Road. None of the podium finishers were able to negative split, though they were fairly consistent such as Yeatman taking and extra 4 seconds for lap 2.

The best positive splits were put in by Muggeridge who increased his pace by almost 7kph on lap 2. Prestidge managed to find an extra 3kph and Tammy Patrick almost 3kph for their seconds laps.

The most consistent laps were put in by Thommo who’s laps differed by 0.07kph and Manintveld who’s laps differed by 0.05kph.

Two or three cyclists decided that a ITT would be a good race to be their first. Welcome to racing – we hope to see you back for more.

A more detailed report is expected to be posted in the next day or two. Apologies for any mangled names, the time keeper had pen troubles.

The club ITT championships is in two weeks. Who will improve? Who will surprise? Based on last year’s championships, a number of riders are riding quicker with Joe Patrick showing the best improvement being 5kph faster than the same period last year.

Start Time Rider Finishing Time Overall Average Speed Time from Winner
00:09:30 Brenton Jones 00:32:17 42.10 00:00:00
00:09:00 Thomas Sander 00:34:14 39.70 00:01:57
00:08:30 Paul Yeatman 00:36:00 37.75 00:03:43
00:07:30 Steve Muggeridge 00:36:30 37.55 00:04:13
00:06:30 Joe Patrick 00:36:37 37.12 00:04:20
00:07:00 Jarryd Jones 00:36:50 36.90 00:04:33
00:08:00 Geoff Thomson 00:36:56 36.80 00:04:39
00:06:00 Matt Kennelly 00:38:03 35.72 00:05:46
00:05:00 Justin Prestidge 00:38:09 35.69 00:05:52
00:05:30 Neil Waker 00:38:46 35.06 00:06:29
00:03:30 Brad Vennables 00:39:55 34.05 00:07:38
00:04:30 Grant Melsa 00:41:20 32.88 00:09:03
00:03:00 Jayden Manintveld 00:42:20 32.10 00:10:03
00:02:00 Tammy Patrick 00:43:45 31.13 00:11:28
00:02:30 Renee Patrick 00:45:58 29.57 00:13:41
00:01:00 Greg Horbowicz 00:46:46 29.08 00:14:29
00:00:00 Kayla Lewis 00:47:50 28.41 00:15:33
00:01:30 Luke Joiner 00:50:38 26.96 00:18:21
00:00:30 Mitchell Lewis 00:51:47 26.30 00:19:30
00:04:00 Andrew DeBona 00:56:50 23.95 00:24:33

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