Jones Wins On New Circuit


A hardy group of 15 riders fronted for a Shady Creek race with a difference. Rather than the usual loop here, racing was along the Shady Creek Yarragon Road, Araluen Road, Old Sale Road and then the Shady Creek Yarragon Road again. A/B rode two laps (approx 45 kilometers) and the C/D graders rode one lap.

The C/D grade group of Greg Horbowicz, Mathieson Jenkins and Andrew Da Bona took off first. Greg was in trouble at about the time the A/B grade group passed the group of three about half way along Araluen Road.

Two A graders, Brenton Jones and Shane Stiles began with the large group of B graders comprising Callan Barker, fresh from year 12, Jarryd Jones, Peter Finlayson, James Lalor, Paul Yeatman, Matthew Kennelly, Thommo, Darryl Anderson and freshly promoted Jarryd Manintveld.  The pace was fairly sedate for much of the race.  Some gear trouble with Pete’s bike saw the bunch take it easy up the first hill along Araluen Road.

After some smallish attacks by the likes of James and Jarryd, Darryl time trialed off the front only to be felled by a puncture a few kilometers later.

Following the turn into Old Sale Road, a struggling Yeatman somehow found himself off the front and out of site of the bunch.  A pansy descent down a steep section of road before the main climb saw his lead eroded and he was overtaken by all but Matthew around ¼ of the way up the climb.

The smaller bunch stuck together until Brenton eased himself off the front.  The bunch did not seem eager to chase and was slowly being caught by Yeatman.

In the end, Brenton won A grade by about four minutes.  Next across the line were Jarryd, Thommo, Peter, Jayden (brilliant effort from the youngster), James and Shane.  Dead on a minute later, Darryl rolled across the lines after a strong chase.  Paul came in 90 seconds later with Matthew finishing things off another eight minutes down.  Callan decided one lap was enough after nearly a year off.

The C/D group managed to come across the line with the same time.  Mathieson was first, followed by Andrew the Greg.

The A/B group road fairly steadily, at around 41 minutes a lap.  The C/D group came in just shy of an hour at 0:59:50.

Next week’s scheduled race is cancelled due to other events being on.  We expect to be back on election day for a race around the regular Shady Creek Course.

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