Gippsland 3 Day Tour Wrap Up


Congratulations to Brenton Jones who won the A grade event for the 2nd year in a row.

Congratulations to the following place getters in 2011 Gippsland 3-Day Tour:

A Grade:
1st: Brenton Jones (Warragul Cycling Club) in 6:50:06
2nd: Daryl Anderson (Warragul CC) +3:27
3rd: Kane Walker (Warragul City CC) +3:40

B Grade:
1st: Jarryd Jones (Warragul CC) with 77 points
2nd: Gerome Bechez (Latrobe City CC) with 56 points
3rd: Stuary Derham (Bairnsdale & Riviera CC) with 46 points

C Grade:
1st: Cyrus Monk (Warragul CC) with 63 pts
2nd: Aaron Wain (Wellington CC) with 54 pts
3rd: George Tambassis (Warragul CC) with 49 pts

D Grade:
1st: John Taylor (Latrobe City CC) with 95 pts
2nd: Benjamin Stein (Warragul CC) with 85 pts
3rd: Mathieson Jenkin (Warragul CC) with 61 pts

1st: Warragul CC with 67 pts
2nd: Latrobe City CC with 37 pts
3rd: Leongatha CC) with 21 pts

Thanks to those who voluntered. Full race results here.

Manflu saw the early retirement of Jayman Prestidge, and tonsilitis took our Paul Yeatman.

Photos by the LCCC here.

2011 3 Day Tour Guide (pdf)

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