Maninitveld wins Handicap


Race two of the Warragul Cycling Club Spring Handicap Series was raced in great conditions on Saturday. Handicap Stiles Stiles erred on the side of caution in race one which created a scratchies benefit race. This week he was more generous with the time gaps and the race never came completely together. It was the 8 minute group of Col Brown, Jayden Manintveld, Trev Rollinson, George Tambassis, Clint Wilson and Graeme Patrick that won the day. Despite some strong chasing from 4 groups behind these guys could not be caught.

The biggest surprise of the race was the inability of scratch quartet to catch anyone this week. Stiles, Sandner, Malacarne and Timma Arens had the 2 minute group of Finlayson, Lalor, Brett Rollinson and Justin Gravett in sight but when 2 minute boys caught the 4 minute bunch along the finishing straight at the end of lap 2 and a working group of 8 riders formed and the scratchies chances of catching were doomed. Rob Monk and Greame Parker worked with Gravett, Rollinson and Finlayson to ensure the scratch men would just chase in vain. Jimmy Lalor had been shelled by the 2 minute group and did his best to slow the scratch men too by disrupting their rhythm. After getting yelled at Lalor decided it was not his day decided to quit with a lap to go.

Up ahead Cy Monk and Peter Whelan had lost Ross Henry after two laps and Paul Yeatman after three and were working on their own to catch the 8 minute boys.

Colin Brown had driven the 8 minute bunch hard, shedding first Clint Wilson and then George Tambassis in the process. They had caught all before them by the beginning of the bell lap. Tom Heard, Mariah Dastey, Matt Williamson and Harley Bondini managed to hang onto the train right to the finish.

In the sprint Jayden Manintveld showed his older rivals a clean pair of heels. Greame Patrick rode strongly for second with Col in third. Then followed Trev Rollinson, Tom Heard, Mariah Dastey, Harley Bondini and Matt Williamson.

A minute 15 seconds later Cy Monk and Pete Whelan finished to round out the top 10. Thirty seconds later Brett Rollinson led home the combined 2 and 4 minute groups and a couple of stagglers from the 6 minute group. A further 30 seconds later Shane Stiles led home the scratch men to take out the fastest time of the day. They had averaged 41km/h and didn’t catch a single group in front of them.

Next week’s race is 3 laps of Shady Creek. The race starts at 9am from the Shady Creek Hall. Riders should register before 8.45am.

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