Design a New Cycling Kit Competition

At our recent committee meeting, it was voted to change the club kit.  We have had the existing one for around six years.

A week ago a (members only) competition to design a new club kit was announced on our FB page.  Entries closed at COB today.

Unofficial Brief Details

The fashion police are quite vocal when it comes to the current WCC cycling kit. Some people hate it, some go “meh”, some love it so much they had their bike painted to match. The current kit has been in service since 2006 and at the October 2012 committee a motion was tabled to change the kit. This was passed so now it is up to you.

We are seeking submissions from creative people who are also members of the WCC. The winning design creator will receive a complete cycling wardrobe in the new look.
The main objections to the current kit are:

  • blue shorts (no way to integrate black shorts with jersey) – the last 3 iterations have had blue shorts
  • horizontal strip potentially unflattering
  • kit not female friendly (no expansion on exact details)

Additional Considerations
Cycling Victoria requires:

  • All Club kits must carry the Cycling Victoria “Cyclone Logo”which will be represented on the front of the jersey and nosmaller than 3 cm x 3 cm.
  • The kit cannot be determined to be too close in design toanother club
  •  The kit cannot have sponsors which have been excluded withinthe CV sponsorship policy.

Thanks to all who took the time to put together ideas.

The winning entry will receive a new kit.

Here’s all the submitted designs (that the webmaster recevied)

Click on the thumbnail to open up the full design

Concept 1>> Concept 1 Concept 2>> Concept 2
Concept 3>> Concept 3 Concept 4>> Concept 4
Concept 5/6 Combo>>Design Pitch Concept 5/6 Concept 7>> Concept 7
Concept 8>>Design Pitch Concept 8 Concept 9>> Concept 9

The winning concept may change slighly from that on display here, however the main design elements will be retained.  Member feedback will be sought at this stage of the process also.

Design a New WCC Kit Voting

Please, Warragul CC members only.
How the entries compare to existing jerseys

Update 30/10/2012.

Voting remained open for a week and concept 8 received the most votes.  Congrats to Paul Yeatman.

If votes for concept 9 (our current jersey) default to the next new design, the Shell Scurr comes in a close second with Cazz Clake third.

Voting as of Midnight 31/10/2012