Jarryd Wins the Race of Truth


By Rob Monk/Paul Yeatman

The final championship race of the season was contested on Saturday. It was the turn of the time trialists to step up and fight for the title.

The time trial is sometimes referred to as the race of truth. It is a race against the clock were riders cannot rely on the work of others to get them to the finish line. For some riders it is a type of race they look forward too, for others it is a despised distraction.    Those who love it enjoy getting dressed up in skin suits, tear drop shaped helmets and riding special bikes.

Whenever we run a time trial some of a special breed of Cyclist, the time trial specialist, turn up. Nineteen of this special breed rocked up to Saturday’s race.  Often they are the more data driven cyclists, though some just ride the race.   The time trial is a great way to determine a cyclist’s fitness level.

Visiting LCCC rider, James Timmer-Arrends, a State Masters Time Trial Champion blitzed the field. He sizzled around the 22.7km averaging just over 42km/h. He recorded the fastest time by nearly a minute and set a Strava course record.  The next day he came first in round 3 of the B grade category of the State Masters ITT series held at Harcourt.

The battle among the locals for the title was a close one. Cy Monk went out fast, catching Paul Yeatman shortly after the first comer.  Monk would complete lap 1 in 00:16:29, 17 seconds faster than Jarryd Jones who spliited in 00:16:46.  Lap 2 saw a weakening Monk, who splitted at 00:16:51 and a well paced Jones splitted in 00:16:33 which meant he finished 1 second in front of Monk to take the title at an average speed of 40.81km/h.

Brett Rollinson produced a fine negative split to claim third place, 52 seconds back and was the fastest masters level rider in the club.  After lap 1, it was looking like last year’s Masters champion, Paul Yeatman would retain the title: Rollinson’s lap 1 time was 00:17:15.  Yeatman’s was 00:17:11.  Lap two saw the 2012 masters winner, Rollinson take the lead with a 00:16:57 lap.  Yeatman again splitted with a 00:17:11.

The battle for the women’s championship was a dominated by last year’s champion Michelle Scurr.  She rode lap 1 in 00:19:09 and lap 2 in 00:19:50.  This meant she retained her title by nearly 4 minutes from Mariah Dastey who rode her laps in 00:21:11 and 00:21:32.  Robyn Baker came in third lapping in 0:22:35 and 00:23:31.  Scurr contested round 3 of the D grade category of the State Masters ITT series held at Harcourt on  Sunday and came second (first female).

Breaking today’s racing into age groups:

Elite M: 1st Jarryd Jones, 2nd Cyrus Monk

MMAS123: 1st Brett Rollinson, 2nd Paul Yeatman, 3rd Jason Dastey

MMAS4+: 1st Peter Finlayson, 2nd Colin Brown, 3rd Geoff Thomson

WMAS123: 1st Michelle Scurr, 2nd Mariah Dastey, 3rd Robin Baker

Official results can be downloaded from this link: 2013 – Warragul ITT championships results.

One of the specialist TT bikes
One of the specialist TT bikes

Paul Yeatman’s ride video. Be amazed as Cy Monk overtakes him shortly after the first turn into Hazeldean Road, Ooo and ahh as Paul overtakes 11 of the 14 riders in front of him.  Want to read more about the race?  Check out Paul Yeatman’s blog “Allergic To Hills”.

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