Manintveld Wins After Disqualification


By Rob Monk

Race two of the Bulk Transport Equipment Friday Night Lights series ended in controversy at Cloverlea. First over the line is not always the winner.

First away with 12 minutes on scratch were Ron Lombardo and Glen Ogilvy. Glen was a bit strong for Ron and rode away on Lap 2.

With 9 minutes on scratch the group of Roger Bell, Andrew Jackson, Dave Armour and Rob Waddel would be hard to catch.

Next away with four minutes on scratch were Stuart Battley, Roland Elsdon, Geoff Thomson, Rob Monk and Allan McColloch. For once this group put in a solid effort to chase those in front rather than sit up and wait for those chasing.

Two minutes in front of scratch were Pete Finlayson, Matt Parkinson and Peter Whelan. They were chased by the scratch trio of Jayden Manintveld, Cy Monk and Jayden Manintveld.

Robyn Baker started 2 minutes behind scratch but only had to complete 3 laps.

The race came together on Parkers Rd on Lap three. The large 4 minute group caught the 9 minute bunch but were immediately caught by the scratch men. Scratch had blown past the 2 minute bunch and only Matt Parkinson was able to go with them. This left a group of 10 riders flying down Parker’s Rd.

The run up to the corner didn’t produce the usual fireworks as the scratch group seemed to lose a bit of sting. They had chased hard to get the bunches in front and seemed to lose impetus at the bell. After some gentle reminding that Robyn Baker was still to be caught they got cracking again. Robyn was caught at the beginning of Parker’s Rd on the final lap meaning the race would inevitable come down to a bunch sprint.

Justin Gravett decided a hard leadout would make it safer for everyone and twice accelerated to maximum speed in the home straight to string out the field. With 400 meters to go Roland Elsdom took over but lasted less than 100 meters. This left Rob Monk on the front with 300 to go and he went for home. He was passed in the last 100 meters by Jayden Manintveld who was cramping and slowing quickly. Stuart Battley nudged past Jayden on the wrong side of the road then cut in near the line. Battley was first over the line but was disqualified for being on the wrong side of the road and changing his line in the sprint. This meant Jayden was the official winner with Rob Monk second, Cy Monk third. Then followed Matt Parkinson, Geoff Thompson, Allan McCulloch, Rob Waddel, Justin Gravitt, Roland Elsdon and Stuart Battley was relegated to 10th place. Robyn Baker was the first female finisher.

Next week’s race is a criterium at Endevour St opposite the velodrome. B and C grade will start at 6.15 and A and D grade will start at 7.00pm. The Endevour St circuit is a hotdog circuit which provides great viewing for spectators. Come down on Friday night and watch the races. Points after round 2 can be viewed here.

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In other news

Over the weekend at DISC, the Victorian Track GP was held. This two day event replaced what was known before 2012 as the Victorian Metro and Country Track Championships. In previous years, the club has bagged loads of medals in the country section. This year, two of our members competed and continued this tradition.

Michelle Scurr rode the individual pursuit and time trial. In the pursuit, she won a solver medal and in the time trial, she won bronze.

Paul Yeatman rode the individual pursuit and time trial. He had also entered the sprints, but this event was not run due to time constraints. Paul won a bronze in the pursuit and a bronze in the time trial.