2014 Begins at Endeavor St


By Paul Yeatman

Racing returned for 2014 at our Endeavor Street Criterium circuit.  Numbers were down so A and B grades were combined into a group of about 8.  C and D grade were also combined.

C/D raced first for around 33 mins plus 3 laps.  New rider, John Beech from the Berwick area had his first race and took out first place.  Andrew Gordon rode strongly to place second.  Gordo is looking good for B grade if he keeps this up.   Adele Whelean was strong enough to claim third place.

A/B saw a number of attacks by A and B riders with Pete Whelan getting away two laps before the finish.  Matt Parkinson bridged and Paul Yeatman was dropped.  The race favorite, Dave Salton missed the break.  Col Brown rode well as did the other B grader who’s name this race reporter cannot think of at present.

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