Small Turnout for Criterium

14 riders in total, perfect conditions for racing.

A/B Combined
1. Jarryd Jones
2. Graeme Parker
3. Shane Stiles
4. Paul Yeatman
5. Peter Bailey

In A/B, riders 1-4 featured in attacks and chases for the first five laps.  After that, the B graders got dropped, GT and Mitch Jones decided to watch while PY towed PB around as part of his time trial training.  JJ, GP and SS got about half a lap up on the chasers but did not lap them.

C/D Combined
1. Andrew Gordon
2. Matt Dutneall
3. Duane McDonald
4. Shane Wakker
5. Frank Bensted
6. Ron Lombardo
7. Anthony Radcliffe

Andrew Gordon is riding strongly and with another win or two under his wheels, will be moving up to B grade.

Next week we are back to Bourke Street at 2pm, we hope to see you there for the last race in Warragul before we head back to Darnum.