Sam Abbott Wins First Race


By Rob Monk

Thanks to our sponsor - Parkinsons Refrigerated Transport
Thanks to our sponsor – Parkinsons Refrigerated Transport

There were 38 starters for race 1 of the Parkinson’s Refrigerated Transport Handicap Series.

One of the things we love about handicap racing is Sam Abbott, having her first start in a race beating Bay Crits Champion Brenton Jones. What we also love about cycling is that Bay Crits Champ Brenton Jones still shows up for a club race. It is a big thrill for club riders to be racing against someone who was racing the best cyclist in Australia the week before.

The scratch bunch comprising Brenton Jones, Cy Monk, Justin Gravett and Jayden Manintveld broke the record for a lap of Darnum averaging 43km/h on lap one.

Sam Abbot won the day winning well after starting off limit. She won’t be there for long. The scratch team tore up the course catching and dropping all other groups before the midway point of the final lap.

Cy Monk and Brenton put the hammer down after catching each bunch and made sure the passengers they had picked up were quickly dispatched off the back.


  1. ABBOTT Sam D (4 Laps) Women
  2. JONES Brenton Scr Warragul
  3. MONK Cyrus Scr Warragul
  4. Manitveld Jayden Scr Warragul
  5. HAUXWELL Leigh (1.5 mins) Warragul
  6. MAKEPEACE Paul (1.5 mins) LCCC
  7. PARKER Graeme (1.5 mins) Warragul
  8. KELLY Terry (4 laps) Warragul
  9. McCulloch Allan (5 mins) Warragul
  10. Gravett Justin (Scr) LCCC

There is no road racing next week as the club is hosting round 4 of the Summer Track League.

The Refrigerated Transport Handicap Series resumes on Saturday 22nd of Feb at 9.00am at Darnum.

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