Parker puts Marriott in his place!

By Jayman Prestidge


18 racers attended race number 2 of the Drouin Cycles Handicap Series.

Whilst the lack of numbers made it difficult for the Handicapper, racing was still hard and fast.  From the commencement of the 5 lap race, each group took off at speed. Within the first laps the limit riders were in trouble after a lack of cohesion saw their group fragment.

The scratch bunch were piling on the speed and on lap 3 the race was all but over. Whilst five riders were in the scratch bunch, it was visiting Latrobe Valley rider Justin Gravatt, who took the bull by the horns and almost single handedly bought the race back together. Known for his time trialling abilities, Warragul ‘Coffee Club’ riders including Glenn Marriot and Peter Finlayson took the liberty of letting Justin slaughter himself on the front. Before the other scratch riders knew it, Justin had dragged them to the front of the race. Despite having single handedly bought the race back together, Gravatt wanted more of a workout, so continued to apply the pressure to the slower riders.

Veteran Geoff Thomson was extremely consistent in his bunch and completed every one of his turns. Regarded as unusual behaviour for Geoff, other riders were heard to mutter that he must have had some ‘spring back in his step’.

Returning to racing after not coping with winters chills was ‘Coffee Club’ rider Glenn Marriott. He was flying underneath the radar and evidently had a fresh set of legs. He had been a passenger for two laps!

As the final corner approached, Marriott launched with a blistering attack towards the finish line. His turn of speed was fantastic for a guy that had just returned to the race track. The pain in the legs of the others trying to follow was clearly etched on their faces. As he accelerated to with 800 metres to go he clearly saw victory as he entered the finish straight. But alas, Glenn’s lack of winter base training saw the speed drop out of his legs like quick setting cement curing within 300 meters of the finish line. Graham Parker was the man with the miles in his legs to easily overtake Marriott and take another victory this season. Peter Finlayson sprinted past a now almost stopped Marriott for second, and with a look of resignation on his face, Marriott crossed the line in third place.

Justin Gravatt, the strongest rider in the race finished fourth, with the ever improving Greg Spencer coming in for fifth position.

Next weeks Club Racing is the race three of the Drouin Cycles Handicap series starting at the Nilma-Darnum Football ground at 2.00pm.

Finally, we congratulate our young members Kane Walker, Jarryd Jones, Cyrus Monk and Brenton Jones for representing Warragul Cycling Club in the Tour of Gippsland round of the National Road Series.

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