Little Neil takes Big Win

By Jayman Prestidge


The Warragul Cycling Clubs last race for 2014 was held at Labertouche. The challenging ‘kermesse circuit is ideal for the opportunist who is prepared to attack up either of the two hills on the circuit.

If a rider gets away up other of the hills, there is an immediate downhill where a lead can e consolidated.

All races were keenly contested and it was a highlight of the day to see Neil Edwards take out his first B Grade victory. Neil has only been racing for a couple of years and his fitness and tactics have improved greatly. He took advantage over his components by attacking on the hills to ensure he didn’t need to compete in a sprint.

A/B was combined. Here Dave Salton took off on lap two.  The bucnch let him hang for three laps and brought him back.  As the race progressed, the hills got harder and harder and eventually a couple of the B graders were shed.  One for good, the other kept time trialling back on.  The last lap saw B grade get a gap and Monk, riding A, bridged and brought the rest back.  Yeatman blew up on the final hill.  Thommo did not lead Monk out.  Salton easily took the win.

The festive spirit ensued across all grades with result as follows:-

A grade:
1st Dave Salton
2nd Matt Parkinson
3rd Rob Monk.

B Grade
1st Neil Edwards
2nd Geoff Thomson
3rd Pete Whelan

C Grade
1st Simon Baxter
2nd Trev Rollinson
3rd Rob Waddell

D Grade
1st Greg Sealby
2nd Shaun Donaldson
3rd Macca Parkinson. (1st female)

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