The (Team’s) Race of Truth


By Jayman Prestidge

A Time Trial is known as the ‘Race of Truth’. A rider’s true fitness level is exposed as they must ride a Time Trial as fast as they can. Fastest wins – it’s as simple as that!

Team Time Trials add an extra dimension to the ‘race of truth’, as the time taken for the team is that of the last rider. That means the team has to measure their efforts and ensure that they ride to the speed of the slowest rider, yet at the same time, stretch that rider to their limits.

Twenty-six riders in nine teams were placed in teams of three (one team of two) and lined up at the start line in accordance with Handicaps that had been set by Rob Monk. Several teams voiced their displeasure at the marks provided, but in striking similarity to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Rob Monk would have none of it. He had made a captains call!

‘Team Parkinson Family’ formed a team consisting of Macca and her Mum and Dad. Cycling is fantastic in many ways, but to have a family take to the start line is just another reason why more people should ride bikes. They had a great time, and despite Matt pushing Anna up some of the hills, (which is stretching the truth in the ‘Race of Truth’) they ended up winning the Handicap section of the race.

‘Team Velo Fille’ (meaning ‘Bike Girl’) pulled off what they thought was one of the coups of the century. Forty-eight hours before the event they selected Jayman Prestidge as an honorary member for the day. Robed from head to toe in ‘Bike Girl’ kit Jayman, Kaylene Champrionere and Kate Prestidge looked the goods.

They were concerned with their Handicap however, and this concern was founded. They were the only group not to beat their set Handicap and were clearly warranted in calling for a spill of Rob Monk’s position as Handicapper.

‘Team Latrobe Valley’ were fastest on the day, allowing for the rules of the event and the Handicappers marks. They covered the 40km course in 58.54 minutes. Daniel Gafa, ‘Big’ Jim Timmer-Arrends and Justin Gravatt arrived on bicycles that resembled space ships. With aerodynamically shaped carbon tubing on the frames, disc wheels, funny shaped helmets and ultra-tight skin suits these men looked like they were ready for an appearance at next week’s Mardi-Gras.

‘Team African Wildman Yeatman’ were furious at the time gaps between themselves and the parading men from ‘Team Latrobe Valley’. Whilst they were caught fair and square by the men of Latrobe within one and a half laps, Cyrus Monk, Shane Stiles and Paul Yeatman had structured their pace to ensure that they incrementally increased their speed throughout the race.

Their plan was foiled by another ‘Captains call’ from Robert Monk that stated that once a team was passed they were unable to re-pass.

Shane Stiles was heard questioning the merits of the ‘race of truth’ after they watched the ‘Team Latrobe’ riders slowing up towards the end of the race. There was nothing his team could do to pass Latrobe so they rolled in for second fastest time of 59.55 minutes.

‘Team Wild-Dog Tri’ completed their journey in 1 hour 4.24 minutes. Rob Monk was ironically very liberal in his praise of Jason Dastey who used his illegal bicycle position to full advantage, spending most of his time breaking the wind for his team mates.

Jason has had a hiatus from racing and appears to be in form upon his return. His other team mate George Tambassis was a passenger on the Wild Dog train.

All other teams enjoyed themselves and look forward to trying to get on the podium next week in a race format where ‘captains calls’ will not influence the outcome.

Next week the Warragul Cycling Club is holding its last beginners ‘Come and Try’ day for the 2014/15 Summer Season at our Endeavour Street, Warragul Criterium Circuit. Racing starts at 5.00pm so come along next Saturday afternoon and have a go at racing.

Monk/Stiles/Yeatman at 10x video speed.

The speed’s all skew wiff, though the other metrics are correct.

Official Results
Official Results

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