Round 2 of the Warragul City Motors Gippsland Combine Series


by Leongatha CC Facebook Admin


Results of Race 2 of the Warragul City Motors Gippsland Combine Series – 32 Riders


Sensational day for racing with good numbers taking on the Poowong South circuit.
A grade (4 Laps) saw 13 riders start the race but with the warm weather and the hot pace saw 5 riders not finishing. The last lap saw 4 riders about 500m clear of the remaining 4 riders. They stayed clear but the last climb saw Slovakian visitor Stefan Michalicka power away to record a well earnt win.
B grade (3 Laps) saw 8 riders start but only 6 finishing. Leigh Stott and Glenn Marriott where clear of the rest coming to the final climb. Leigh had the better of Glenn up the climb to take a comfortable win
C grade (3 Laps) saw 7 riders front up with 5 finishing. Leigh Jamieson continued to show his good form taking a very comfortable win from Jarrod Croxford and Series Sponsor Shaun Donaldson in 3rd.

D grade started with C, with Rod and Peter staying with them till the first climb. In the end it was Rod winning the sprint.
Thanks to all helpers on the day – your efforts to ensure a successful days racing are greatly appreciated.
Next week sees the final race of the series being held on Sunday 1st Oct with a 9:00am start. Meet at Darnum for the Shady Creek circuit.


A Grade

  1. Stefan Michalicka – Slovakia
  2. The Hawk – Warragul
  3. Tom McFarlane – Leongatha
  4. Harry McLean – Leongatha
  5. Paul Collins – not noted


B Grade

  1. Leigh Stott – Leongatha
  2. Glynn Marriott – Warragul
  3. Jason Tubnor – Warragul
  4. Paul Yeatman – Warragul
  5. Rob Monk – Warragul



C Grade

  1. Leigh Jamieson – Warragul
  2. Jarrod Croxford – 3 Race Permit (welcome to you)
  3. Shaun Donaldson – Souther Masters
  4. Kevin Feely – Leongatha
  5. Thomas Fitzgerald – Leongatha


D Grade

  1. Rod Cheyne – Leongatha
  2. Peter McLean Leongatha
  3. Michelle Scurr – Brunswick


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