Results Of Burke Street Criterium

Criteriums Recap and Results

Twenty seven (27)  riders took part in racing on Sunday 17 February across three grades.  The course began foggy and cleared about half way through.  A grade races over 60 minutes plus a lap.  B grade competed over 55 minutes and a lap.  C grade tussled it out for 50 minutes plus a lap.

A Grade Results:

  1. Brett Kennedy
  2. Shane Stiles
  3. Alex Dunbar

B Grade Results:

  1. Rob Monk
  2. T. Reid
  3. Peter McDonald
  4. Graeme Parker
  5. Paul Yeatman

C Grade Results:

  1. Justin Prestidge
  2. Chris Bagot
  3. D. O’shea
  4. Ash Dean
  5. E. Dabinett

Overall, riders were behaved. We would like to advise that riders should give way to cars.  There was an incident in the last few hundred meters of the B grade race where the field failed to yield to traffic.  If motorists complain about such incidents, it could result in loss of race permits, so play nice please.


The B grade race was recorded so check that out if you are interested in seeing what wattages and speeds are produced by our mid level riders.  For those looking to start racing, this is a good way to determine what grade you would be competitive in.

In other news

Club Criterium Championships – 2019
Our club Criterium Championships are now being held separate to the Gippsland championships.  They will take place on the Labor Day weekend on our Burke Street course. The race entry form has been updated.

Racing Roster

The 2019 race roster has been assigned and published.  Please check when/if you have been assigned a task.  It is your responsibility to arrange for a replacement if you cannot perform your duty.  The roster can be found here.

Possible Course Change

One of the intersections on our Cloverlea course might be stop signed as part improving road safety.  This means this course will no longer be available.  If we can sign up a few people who would like to rotate traffic control duties (after being trained on our behalf), we could continue with this course.  Otherwise, please bring your new flattish course suggestions to the committee.