Road Championships

In a cool to mild day, riders started en mass with the majority contesting the championship race over 5 lapos. Ross did a great ride and after leading the bunch across the finish line on lap one, he then was in the break away for the rest of the race and came 4th overall. At the bell, Ross, Connor Bagot, Brett Kennedy, Jason Laird and Lee Hauxwell had 1 min 5 on the bunch. The stayed away and the sprint was a spread out affair with a second or two between the top three.

Our marshall reports everyone was well behaved at the corner. I heard complaints of people using more road than they should. We remind everyone to stay left and stay safe.


1 – Edward DaBinett 3 laps 1:38.00 30.4kph


1 – Ashlee Diston 3 laps 1:58:02 25.8kph


1. Connor Bagot


Masters 1-3:
1 – Brett Kennedy
2 – Jason Laird
3 – Lee Hauxwell


Masters 4-6:
1 – Graeme Parker
2 – Geroge Tambassis
3 – Peter Macdonald


Masters 7+:
1 – Ross Henry


1 – Brett Kennedy
2 – Jason Laird
3 – Connor Bagot

See you all next week for out Time Trial Championships at Darnum. 3 laps with the first rider away at 1pm.  You may enter here.