Gippsland Combine Series Race 3


23 Starters at Hazelwood Pondage

A Grade

  1. Craig Skinner LCCC
  2. Matt Parkinson WCC
  3. Shane Stiles WCC
  4. Brett Kennedy WCC
  5. Glen Walker WCC

B Grade

  1. Glenn Marriott WCC
  2. Graeme Parker WCC
  3. George Tambassis WCC
  4. Trevor Nicklen LCCC
  5. Peter Finlayson WCC

C Grade

  1. Geoff Thompson WCC
  2. Alex M. WCC
  3. John Taylor WCC

Next week is Saturday afternoon at Jindivick Hall.  All licenced racers are welcome to enter (or you can grab a 3 race licence to test the waters). Entry link.