Stiles loves Endeavour Street

by Rob Monk

A small but talented group of Warragul Cyclists raced on the tight and technical Endeavor Street circuit on Sunday Morning.

Shane Stiles loves this circuit. At each end of the hotdog shaped route Shane puts at least 4 bike lengths into the nearest rider and the rest of the field has to do a 50-meter sprint to catch up. Stiles allowed the mixed ability group to remain intact for the first 15 minutes of the race. A couple of quick laps saw the field break up with Chris Bagot, Col Manintveld and Alex Gardner distanced.

In a rare show of compassion, Shane and Brett Kennedy decided to slow up and let them get back on. After 40 minutes another split occurred this time only Stiles, Kennedy, Tom Reid, George Tambassis, Aaron Nash and Rob Monk remained in the front group. They went on to lap the rest of the field which included last week’s B grade winner Jayman Prestidge.

Some short lived attacks from Tambassis and Monk in the final laps were of no consequence really. The final result was always going to be determined by who could get around the last bend with Stiles. Kennedy clung to the wheel, testing the limits of traction but Stiles’s acceleration out of the last corner was such that everyone else was no chance of catching him.


1st Shane Stiles

2nd Brett Kennedy

3rd Tom Reid

4th George Tambassis

5th Aaron Nash

6th Rob Monk

7th Jayman Prestidge (Lap down)

8th Chris Bagot (Lap down)

9th James Blyth (Lap down)

10th Alex Gardner (Lap down)

11th Col Manintveld (Lap down)


Thanks, Ash Diston for doing the race directing and Aaron Nash for doing the signs.

We are back to Burke St next week. Hopefully, there will be more support from members next week.  8.00 am sign on for an 8.30 start.