Club Criterium Championships 2017

Warragul Cycling Club members contested the first championship of the year on Saturday. The Club Criterium championships were help on the Burke St circuit.

In the elite race a small field joined in the the masters 123 race. Connor Baggot was the winner. He rode strongly and took the win from Leigh Jamieson. Continue reading “Club Criterium Championships 2017”

The Bull vs the Matador

Thirty riders contested scratch races on the Darnum Circuit on Saturday.

C and D grade were combined. The race stayed together for the first 3 laps with the D graders hanging in there nicely. Ryan McGregor and Col Brown did much of the pace making but DeMac was also active on the front. Ryan tried hard to get away but Col was having none of that. Col won the sprint just from Ryan with Leigh Jamison in third. Pete MacDonald was fourth and continues to improve each week. Zvonko Maric was fifth and looks like he needs to train more. Continue reading “The Bull vs the Matador”

Peter MacDonald Finally Wins One

A larger turnout of 48 riders contested the third race in the BTE Summer Criterium Series on the Burke Street Circuit on Sunday morning.

The highlight was the maiden win by D Grade rider Peter MacDonald. Pete had declared himself a certainty beaten the previous two races. It was third time lucky this week. Peter and Rob Knowles broke away after the intermediate sprint and were never caught. Continue reading “Peter MacDonald Finally Wins One”

Leongatha and Latrobe Valley Riders Outsmart the Locals

The A grade race was an attacking affair thanks mainly to the Latrobe City riders. It seems like the Valley boys had a plan. Chris Joustra and Jim Timmer-Arrends continually tried to get up the road while Craig Skinner took on the designated sprinter role and left the Warragul riders to do the chasing. While the Latrobe boys had a coherent plan, the locals were a rabble. Brett Rollinson did lots of chasing. Jason Tubnor helped. Shane Stiles bounced around like a peanut and Brett Kennedy rode for Brett Kennedy. Continue reading “Leongatha and Latrobe Valley Riders Outsmart the Locals”

WCC Club Criterium Championships 2016

Thirty-four riders contested the Warragul Cycling Club criterium championships at the Burke st circuit on Saturday afternoon.

In the open race not many were keen to jump in and take on the Jones boys. Brenton Jones and Jarryd Jones towed the rest of the field around for a few laps. They were joined by Juniors Mitch Jones and Connor Bagot. In an exciting finish, Brenton led out from a long way back and tried to ride Jarryd off his wheel. He didn’t succeed and Jarryd was able to just pass Brenton on the line to take the championship. Brenton was second with Leigh Jamieson third. Continue reading “WCC Club Criterium Championships 2016”

Youth of McLean takes win

With a large contingent of riders away in Bright stoically representing the club, Race 4 of the WCC / Warragul City Motors Criterium Series was always going to be an open event across all grades. The Endeavour Street Hot-Dog circuit was bathed in sunshine for the duration, in what was considered the perfect day for racing. Continue reading “Youth of McLean takes win”

Dastey wins the only way he can

It was the usual suspects who smashed up the A grade race on Saturday. Matt Parkinson and Jayden Manintveld swapped the role of attacker and chaser often enough so that the rest of the field was in the hurt box after 10 minutes. Josh Akarsu tried to pick up the pace on the King St hill early but was left to dangle 3 laps in a row. Continue reading “Dastey wins the only way he can”