Voyage Fitness Handicap Series

Our series of handicaps in Feb will be starting at 9am. Our calendar has been updated to show these races. Be sure to check it to see if you are rostered on as a marshal. With our increase in club numbers, more members equals less times each year you may be called upon to assist in the running of races. That’s a big win for you and the club.

Voyage Fitness Handicap Series

The club is proud to annouce that Voyage Fitness is our handicap series sponsor.


Female Series Winner – 6 month Voyage Fitness Pass valued at $400 PLUS a Voyage Jersey (which are totally Pro)

Male Series Winner – 6 month Voyage Fitness Pass values at $400 PLUS a Voyage Jersey (once again…totally Pro)
…Women will be scored separately. Our Darnum course is 8km in length and has two short hills past the milk factory.


About Voyage Fitness.
To make our communities the healthiest, most active regional towns in Australia.

That means we want more people to be more active, more often!
We know that if we can help individuals become more active, this will promote happier and healthier lifestyles throughout our communities.

Sounds great?

Well join us on our Voyage and we promise we’ll provide you with a friendly smile and an exceptional experience every time you visit the club. More importantly, we will provide ongoing support and motivation to help you navigate your way towards excellent health and fitness!

Are you ready?
Because, your Voyage starts here