2017 AGM Summary



Paul Yeatman

A large number of members attended our 2017 Annual General Meeting on Thursday evening at the club rooms.

All positions were declared open. Danny Dilger was nominated and voted in as president. Jarryd Jones is our secretary. Both of these men began as juniors so it is pleasing to see them in leadership roles. Richard Bridge stays on as Vice President to advise Danny. Our new Secretary is Byan Ehouse. John Davine reprises his role as Upright and Safety director. Duane McDonald heads up our road racing as director. Danny has agreed to act as Track Director until this position is filled.

Karin Jones, Paul Yeatman and Annie Pryjmak comprise our general committee.

We wish all our committee members a successful year.


Following the AGM, a brief general meeting was held.


We encourage all members to come to our next general meeting. These are held every third Wednesday at 7:30pm at our club rooms. Members are what makes the club great and we want your input. If you want to raise issues at our meetings, be sure to notify our secretary at least a week prior to the next meeting. warragulcyclingclub@hotmail.com