2019 Time Trial Championship Results

WCC Individual Time Trial Champs was run and won this weekend!!

Congratulations Jason Laird!! πŸ†πŸ†Β 


It was a close race with Paul Yeatman in the hot-seat for a bit.Β  He got rolled by 3 seconds.
Our overall Champ and winner of M123.



πŸ₯‡Jason Laird 0:37:21 – 39.04kph
πŸ₯ˆTex Walker 0:41:27 – 35.17kph
πŸ₯‰Aaron Nash 0:41:36 – 35.05kph


πŸ₯‡Paul Yeatman 0:37:24 – 38.98kph
πŸ₯ˆPeter MacDonald 0:39:40 – 36.76kph


πŸ₯‡Colin Brown 0:40:55 – 35.63kph


πŸ₯‡Ash Diston 0:46:58 – 31.04kph


2019 WCC ITT Champions race times


Thanks Rob Monk for time keeping and for Shane Stiles for holding the riders.Β  Thanks to Big Jim for showing us how it is done and riding the fastest on the day – 0:37:18 – 39.09kph.