Cycling Victoria Statement on COVID-19

As you are aware, the Federal and State Governments have announced preventative measures in regard to COVID-19. These measures are to ensure the safety of public health in light of the spread of Novel Coronavirus.


Cycling Victoria advises all members to understand and follow the government advice surrounding COVID-19. This includes self-isolating for a period of 14 days if you have been in contact with a confirmed Novel Coronavirus case, visited mainland China including Hong Kong (including transit passengers).


Click here for the Coronavirus isolation guide.


Self-isolating involves staying at home and not accepting visitors. This includes not attending activities such as cycling races and training and social rides during the 14-day period.


The Australian Institute of Sport and the Federal Government have set up an information website with regular updates related to sports participation and travel. Click here to visit the website.


Cycling Victoria will be in constant communication with Cycling Australia regarding COVD-19 and sporting events and will follow the regulations and advice set out by the government.